High-Speed Doors vertical

Vertical- or horizontal running high-speed-doors are used as interior or exterior doors or as closing doors. Our high-tech products contribute to an improvement of the room climate, significant energy savings and last but not least improve the traffic flow.


Thanks to our in-house curtain production and our unique high-frequency system, we are able to produce extremely tear-resistant curtains in the most varied of variations, entirely according to your ideas and wishes. In combination with sectional and roller doors, they form the ideal solution for locks (also for loading systems) and thus ensure high energy savings.

Designed for use in cleanrooms, the food industry, pharmaceutical / chemical and wet areas.

Variants and tech. Details…

PVC high-speed door with very high resistance to wind loads.orem ipsum dolor sit amet

Variants and tech. Details…

The all-rounder for every opening that is extremely often driven through with forklifts or floor vehicles

Variants and tech. Details…

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