Strip curtain

The low-cost closure with good insulating and soundproofing properties

Strip curtains are not only an inexpensive closure, they also serve to seal steel sliding doors and crane runways or as noise protection due to theor special insulating properties. They can also be used to protect your machinery and equipment from dustt and chips. The strip curtain also serve protection during metal welding and in an open warehouse they can also be used as rain protection. Thanks to the patented suspension clips, they can moreover be installed quickly and easily.

Product features


The desire to establish, maintain and expand, retain and develop long-term, stable partnerships with satisfied customers is what drives our specialist advisers and partners. They understand the requirements of various industry solutions ITW customers and provide them with far more than just a comprehensive product portfolio of industry solutions.


In addition to on-time delivery and individual order management, of course we also provide professional installation of our products. Using our own staff, or service partners we have trained and certified, we guarantee a consistent level of service – from the assembly to the electrical installation, right through to the acceptance testing.

Repair & Maintenance

As a manufacturer and service company, we guarantee that our qualified specialist staff will provide you with proper processing and quick supply of spare parts. Wearing parts will always be checked during maintenance checks and parts which are subject to stress will be replaced as a precaution. Compliance with statutory testing obligations is also a matter of course for us.

Technical data

Size range

Strip design

200 mm x 2 mm

maximum installation height

2.500 mm

300 mm x 3 mm4.000 mm
400 mm x 4 mm6.000 mm



Slidable one-part/multi-part

Slidable 90° around a corner

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